Move Beyond Start Up with Expert Help

We’ve got the strategy. You’ve got the passion.

Expert help is the support mechanism to get you there.

If you’re visiting this page, chances are you’re reaching for that up-level. That next growth point in the evolution of your business – the one that says to you, and to the world, your business has made it.


That your purpose-driven business has brought your vision to life.


This is why This Chick Means Business created The Experts Sessions – the business coaching program that brings you together like-minded goal-getters who have the strategies and support that will let you step up from start up phase into the growth stage of business.


But let’s be clear – this is not your traditional dull, business coaching sessions.


This is strategic implementation for fast-tracking your business.


You’ll learn the strategies that are right for YOUR business, how to apply them, and what to do when the confidence wobbles hit – all with the support of leadership born from experience from our managing director Trudi Pavlovsky, and the Expert Team support of This Chick Means Business.

“That your purpose-driven business has brought your vision to life.”

The Details

Like minds bought together

 creates outcomes.

Together we will rise.

The Experts Custom Coaching  package integrates high level mentoring guiding your time with each of the experts in their field.

You get:

  • Focused 1:1 strategy sessions
  • Weekly check in calls with Trudi
  • Access to hours of training, encompassing:
    • Mindset – moving past the confidence wobbles to connect you with your purpose
    • Systems Guidance – Access to the tools to build and drive your online courses, opt-ins and strategies
    • Processes – manage your time more efficiently
    • Goal-setting – alignment of your vision to your actionable goals
    • Sales Training – convert your casual readers into loyal customers
    • Course and Content Creation Training – leverage your knowledge, time and resources to grow your business without having to clone yourself
    • Marketing – identify and understand the right marketing strategies for your business to generate genuine returns on your marketing investment.
    • Copy – magnetise your message with aspirational content that calls your customers to join your courses.

“We serve no-one, least of all ourselves

when we play small.”

You Get The Complete Strategy

You don’t have to do it alone. Do it wi h like minded women and move successfully beyond start up.

You’ll get proven strategies to manage your time, your actions, your budget and your resources more efficiently.


But perhaps best of all, you gain access to an exclusive club of entrepreneurs who are just as committed to achieving success and having fun as you are.


Running an online business can feel lonely – especially when you’re not sure what to do next.


With The Experts Coaching programme, you’ll know exactly the steps you need to take – and you’ll have a cheer squad right behind you, sharing the journey with you and right there when you need them for motivation and accountability.


Expert Team Coaching Bonus

Really stuck? Confidence taken a real nose-dive and you need support straight away? Clients are given direct access to This Chick Means Business’ Head of Strategy, Trudi Pavlovsky for 24/7 emergency support along side the weekly check in and accountability calls.

Let’s face it: business is the most powerful form of personal development you’ll undertake, so wobbles happen.

And that’s ok. Let’s get on top of them quickly before that wobble turns into a rut.



The Expert Coaching programme is a custom crafted coaching package. With commitment from one month to beyond, we decide what you need to move forward.

Monthly packages start from $1000 pm

We’re already building success within our own business, are you ready to join us?