Live Experiences

Time to Showcase you from the platform.

Ready to craft an epic event but not sure where to start? An event that showcases all of your mad talents? An event that has people talking about it for weeks afterwards and the participants begging to sign up for more?


To get the unfair, live event advantage book a call with us to get your next event structured so it’s sizzling and delivers powerful learning outcomes for your clients.


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Not all events are created equal.


This Chick Means Business Live Events

Are you tired of the same old boring talk fest training’s? The ones that a week later you struggle to remember what you paid thousands of dollars to learn?


Yeah…. we hate them too, so that why at TCMB, our events are a little bit unique.


Whether your joining the team at one of the TCMB founders one day training’s or the  immersive three days “experiences”, you will be anything BUT bored.


Imagine being able to embody your business lessons through doing.


Taking action in an environment that mimics real life scenarios.


In a space where you can make mistakes, correct yourself and when things happen in “real life” you automatically know how to respond.


This is next level learning. Are you ready to play a bigger game?

Celebrate You!

It’s not all work here at TCMB. We know that you need to celebrate your successes and what better way than in a room full of your most like-minded peers?


Unicorn events are networking events run by Trudi, the flounder to celebrate the magic and transformation that women bring to those around them.To get on the guest list for the coming events, message Trudi at

Be a part of the Transformational Magic.