Trudi Pavlovsky

TCMB Success Mentor

Always one who loves a good plan, Trudi created This Chick Means Business to be hub for women to gather to draw on the collective wisdom of experts in one place.


She believes that a well planned and executed strategy can save you time and money, while you’re making money and creating a positive and powerful change in the world.

How ever that looks to the individual, as Trudi loathes cookie cutter approaches and believes we all deserve to have our individualism celebrated both personally and professionally.

Laura Dick

The Systems Goddess

Laura Dick is the business systems coach behind Laura In Order.  Laura brings over 13 years corporate experience in business systems implementation, process improvement, and project management to help female entrepreneurs to get their businesses in order.


She coaches clients to simplify their businesses, streamline their processes, and implement smart systems. Her clients feel more professional, have the solid foundations to scale and grow their businesses, and most importantly have more time and energy for the things they love.

Laurie Griggs

The Profit Engineer

Laurie Griggs is a Profit Advisor and Finance Analyst with over 17 years of experience in business finance. Having first hand experience of owning her own service based business for over 10 years, she understands the real help women need managing money.


Laurie has mastered the art of managing unpredictable income and increasing profits for service based entrepreneurs through improving cashflow systems. Laurie is also a certified Australian Profit First Professional.

Anna Mason

Communicatione & Relationship Specialist

Anna Mason is passionate about helping women in business to create relationships that are deeply supportive and understanding when it comes to their business and in fun and easy ways: whether they are single or already in a relationship.


Her light, fun and sometimes cheeky approach makes it easy for women to go through the process of releasing what no longer works for them, learning the tools they need to be really successful in love and creating their ideal relationship.


A healthy relationship is reflected back into a healthy business.

Kathryn Gray

The Story Telling Straegistt

Here to help you power up with your story, Kathryn is all about inspiring and thriving with purpose-driven business.


With many years experience making interviews and marketing, with creative production and strategy, Kathryn has developed bespoke coaching and tools that help you make the most of storytelling in business. She supports people to feel confident and purposeful in sharing stories via video, imagery and text – drawing on her own hard-won experience in embracing vulnerability to face the spotlight.


Kathryn helps you craft stories that inspire, empower and catalyse your ideal audiences towards your vision.

Mya Joseph

The Purpose Explorer

Mya Joseph is passionate about helping people live their life of purpose.


As she grows her business Finding Your Art she has graciously agreed to support women in finding their path here.


Through straight talk and inspiration Mya has you covered on the days when the path feels long.

Sunita Pamamull

Mindfull Mumma Mentor

Sunita Pamamull is the founder of Holistic Women’s Therapy and Mindful Mumma, (a holistic lifestyle programme for mums).

Sunita is a trained Transpersonal Counsellor and Holistic Health and Well-being Mentor.

Her passion is to empower mums to connect to their authenticity and live life at their most optimal well being. Using an integrative approach combining  science and eastern energetic healing modalities to create a life where you feel whole and connected.

Doone Clifton

The Get  Your S*%t  Sorted Specialist

My why is making things nice and my super power is translating between the linear, leftbrain thinking of compliance, regulation and getting stuff sorted with the unstructured, creative way of being.


Gecko Services has been providing bookkeeping and business advice for over 20 years.  As registered BAS agents we get your books in order for the stuff you have to do for the tax office and then help you understand the stories that the numbers tell to help you run your business.


Not just bookkeepers, we are part of your management team.


Get your shit sorted is a new service extending our offering into the personal realm of making your life nice. We help you close all those loops which threaten to strangle you at 2am – all the adulting stuff like wills, medical checkups, budgets etc.

Suzanne Culberg

Health Mentor for Biz Babes

Many of us want to make life long changes to the way we eat and move, but instead we cycle through patterns of dieting and binging.

Having overcome this cycle herself, going from super obese at 150 kilograms (330 pounds) Suzanne has released 79 kilograms.

Suzanne’s great passion is helping people break out of this cycle by understanding that it isn’t about the food, people can never get enough of what they don’t truly want, and instead uncovering what it is they are truly hungry for!

Suzanne knows that no single approach is right for every individual and so she has trained in a range of modalities including Neuro-linguistic Programming, Personal training and group fitness training (she holds a Certificate III and IV in fitness). Suzanne’s educational background also includes a Bachelor of Medical Science from the University of Tasmania.

Theresa Voigt

Spiritual Mentor For Business Women  

As a healer, soul coach and guide, I help women live more intimately and intuitively connected to the energetic flow of their lives.

I work with those who have forgotten how extraordinary they are, who can’t see their own Light, and together we facilitate the release of the blockages, beliefs, patterns, that are creating pain and disharmony in their hearts and souls.

Understanding who we are, how we relate, what we deserve, and working towards living a life we love – is what it’s all about.

When I’m not working I drink tea. I believe in balance: filling my life with all the things that light me up (and that includes staying in bed on a lazy morning with a cup of tea and my latest favourite book) as well as working with incredible women and seeing them rise!

We don’t do this work alone  – as women, we are a team. Lets rise together!

Nicol Heard

The Biz Bestie. 

Nicol is best known as the Biz Bestie ™.

Her strengths lie in helping women in the start-up phase of working online to be confident, consistent and aligned to their biz so they receive income in their newly established biz.

Together we work on creating your audience, personal brand and message to create a sustainable income.

She holds an array of credentials under her hat which work alongside her unique abilities to lead with conviction and an admired down to earth approach.

She has been running a business with her husband since 2002 and loyally supports her 3 children and many fur-babies simultaneously.

She describes herself as a courageous soul and someone who loves being her own boss alongside the highs, lows and excitement that come with being self employed.

Kerstin Martins

Reminding Mothers of Their Whole 

The Mothers Lighthouse is for mums who are overwhelmed, feeling like they’re running around playing mumtaxi, cooking meals no one likes, remembering all the social events, fretting that the kids are on devices too much, all the while feeling like you’re living with a house mate rather than the love of your life!

Sound like you?

I hear you and I can help you get your life to a more stable place where you can feel in control, happy and enjoying your relationship again so that you can have extra time to do the things you’re passionate about.


The Mothers Lighthouse is the place to get your life back on track emotionally and physically and I, Kerstin, look forward to guiding you.

Linda Bonney

Strategic Launch <Manager. 

Linda Bonney is an opportunist, idea generator, conversation lover and spoonerism enthusiast. She now works online alongside established business women to maximise their launch success and leverage their growth.


Linda has a knack for plugging gaps, organising ideas into action, removing obstacles by asking the right questions and big picture concept thinking.


After spending far too long in roles such as ‘project manager’, ‘contracts administrator’ and ‘administration manager’ and an ‘almost finished’ degree in Business Marketing, she is now living in tranquil Tasmania with her two boys while growing her business and connecting with a bucketload of incredible human creatures.

Shaz Cini

Spiritual Connector of The  WHY. 

Quite simply, Shaz helps spiritually minded women who feel stuck in their lives.

If you are confused about your life purpose and want a deeper spiritual connection Shaz will support you to clarify:

Who you are; to connect to your passion and mission.

Learn to tap into your intuition and spirituality through simple rituals.

Shaz will supply you with processes and tools you can put to everyday use. A gentle soul, you’re safe in discovering your why with her.

Cat Doyle

The Website Ninja

Not just a web designer, Cat is known for her simple uncluttered layouts and focus on your visitors’ experience as they move through your website. As a former software engineer and senior developer with top digital agencies in London and New York, she’s been building and improving websites since 1998 and ran her own popular natural health website for 13 years where she gained first hand experience of the typical issues faced by online businesses.

Cat marries tech wizardry, design principles, information architecture, web usability, and conversion optimisation to make your website do what you want it to, talk to other techie systems, and gently guide your ideal visitor into taking the next step without high-pressured sales tactics. She would love to help you improve your website.

Tanya Abdul Jalil

The Ideas Queen

After successfully escaping the world of corporate life, Tanya found herself in demand for her insane ability to think up ideas and help small business owners create content.

Bringing together her background in training and development, compliance and copywriting, she creates content systems that are easy to implement, work with your zone of genius and engage your customers.

Tanya is a lover of all things Pinterest, SEO and Copywriting, and spends her time teaching and creating content messages that drive customers and sales for small businesses.