Refine and Grow With Your Niche

Did you know theres a way to grow with your niche and never be stuck in niche purgatory?

There’s a lot of talk about niching. Should you do it, how often and why can’t you help everybody? *Stamps foot

I’ve been there and totally get the frustration.

TBH I actually didn’t really “get” niching for awhile. #confessions

The whole “but all teenagers need my help” from my first business days, I must have driven my coach at the time a little cray cray.

But when the penny dropped that penny made the sound of 1000 pennies hitting the floor. ALL at once. In a library. (I think you get it)

I hear a lot of people feel trapped by niche. Or have a belief that once they choose the niche they can never do anything else.

But that’s not true.

Let’s discuss how developing your niche and then growing with your niche not only makes life easy, are also increases the ROI per customer.

It makes sense because as you develop and improve in your own business and in your own modality, your results get better. So why not use that to organically supports a shift with your niching?

Let me explain.

You might focus on helping people build courses. And as you’re launching your course program you get better with launching.

It makes sense that you also support your niche with launching, seeing how your skill set has grown. This is how your business can of evolve and you can work longer with your clients.

You might find your systems and automations improve, so can you use that?

Of course, you can.

You share the up level with the clients and use your increased skills as offer to them.

It can be alongside you. Or you can offer new levels.

  • Introductory
  • Standard
  • Advanced

Niche is not a trap.

Niche give you options.

You can stay in one place or you can evolve.


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