The Power of Planning: CEOXP

In this video we look at the power of planning ahead and batching the content for your business.


In your business, all roads should lead to your main offer(s)

A free thing which could be a discovery call or an eBook. Some people do a paid masterclass or a one day event but each step takes your ideal client towards the main offer in your business.

When you can map out the big chunks of your offers you can then go back and fill in the smaller steps of weekly videos, newsletter topics that support the bigger picture.

Batching your filming in one then becomes a simple process and is actually a big-time saver in the scheme of things with your work.

Save time, get better results and free the space for growing your business.

Can you identify areas in your business that you can batch, and how it makes strategic sense for you to take this approach? If you need help with this and how to work your business like a CEO not a hobbyist join us for The CEO Experience. Register below for the next live round.

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